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Gliese Technology is a software consulting & development firm based in Melbourne, Australia - providing a suite of software solutions for Enterprise & Government clients.

We have brought together a unique team of creative designers, developers & engineers who are passionate about providing high-quality mobile, web and software solutions for your organisation. We specialise in engineering everything from scalable web architectures to developing fast-paced arcade games and mobile websites. Our mission is to continue engineering the future, helping Australian & international entities establish a presence in a world that is aggressively moving to the cloud and benefit from the momentum of the next-generation of innovations in the software market.

We are very much immersed in the in-and-outs and the latest developments in the industry and our staff's experience & expertise in their respective fields makes us the ideal consultant for your organisations needs. If you're developing, upgrading or speculating about software systems and products that can amplify the efficacy, presence & scope of your organisation or building something to deploy to the market then we are the people to get in contact with!

“Engineering the future...”

Gliese Mission Statement

“World-class software solutions for world-class clients”.

Yaser Jarrar, Director

"Innovative, effective, reliable & as always - fiercely efficient "

Our promise to you

R & D


Gliese is a collaborative work platform that leverages new technology to break through the limitations of current solutions.

Collaboration platforms have taken us light years ahead from the nightmarish days of email based "collaboration" but they are still stuck a decade in the past - they lack some of the basic functionality we have come to expect in modern apps. Gliese is built from the ground up to be smart, seamless & synchronised: It recognises relationships between user content and automates tasks, aggregate key data in a unique way & enables complete cross-component functionality to create a truly seamless experience..

Completely fluid

One genuinely seamless experience across the entire app, interact with any piece of content from anywhere

Built for you

Create your own specialised views and custom workflows; choose to use as little or as much functionality as you want

Do it smart

Tags allow you to create smart content that can detect incompatablities and automaticaly update dependant content for you.

Stay in-sync

Intuitive social media style discussions and feeds; connect with messaging, video, conferences and real-time collaboration

“Above & beyond the call of duty”

Jackson Kahn - Client

“Rapid, target-driven development of our product - What more could we ask for ? ”

Jonathan K. Simmons- Client

Our Services

Mobile & Web

- Mobile/Tablet applications
- Responsive website design
- Web applications & platforms

With over 60% of internet traffic now coming from mobile browsers, creating a mobile-ready web presence is essential for any organisation or business.

Software systems

- Desktop applications
- Enterprise systems & architectures
- Custom software development

Powerful software can transform your business or organisation. Ask us about how Bespoke software solutions can sky-rocket your efficiency, connectivity & productivity.

Cloud computing

- Cloud strategy & design
- Cloud security services
- Cloud Applications management

Having a sound cloud computing strategy is a pivotal step for any business or organisation in the modern world. We can ensure that you're secure, future-proof and light-years ahead of the competition

Project management

Leverage the extensive experience of our project management team in your next project, with access to the technical expertise & the industry intuition to effectively and efficiently drive your next project to completion on time, on budget and with exceptional quality.


Service Distribution

Our portfolio consists of a wide variety of international clients from all around the world and we are highly experienced in delivering an exceptional experience to potential clients all around the world

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